Professional Development (Virtual Presence)
Professional Development (Virtual Presence)
The global pandemic is creating an opportunity for communities to reinvent our conversation concerning the education of our children as well as ourselves. 
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This Virtual Presence course will provide practical education and professional skills to parents and guardians that are participating in virtual schooling during the 2020-2021 school year. It will also address the challenges around technology resources, scheduling, mindset and effective collaboration through clear communication. The goal is to get parents and guardians acclimated with the current education climate and provide lessons that will increase confidence in managing this new responsibility.Parents/Guardians will be able to create effective solutions for scheduling daily & weekly routines; develop a pedagogical approach while adjusting to what currently exist; manage assets; create effective work environments for themselves and their students.

Course Benefits:

Time Management

  • Examine proven time management methods

  • Create a flexible framework

  • Live cycle run through

Stress Management 2.0
  • Guided exercises

  • Charting and Planning your activities

  • List of resources

Technology Resources
  • Learn how to advocate for access and opportunities

  • Partnership and Participation

  • Current opportunities to acquire assets

  • Comprehend design vs. distraction

  • Practical tips and tools